Dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.

Patrick is a master of breathing life into his clients’ ideas. ‘If you can dream it, I can create it’ and, with each and every client, this is his goal and his passion. Some people have a clear idea what they want from the start, while others need a little help. Patrick encourages clients to give free rein to their imagination, which can be a fun and liberating experience, and the best way to ensure satisfaction. From the abstract and conceptual to the figurative and naturalistic, Patrick will create a truly captivating and memorable piece.

Gallery of work

Patrick’s skills can be extended to a range of sculpture pieces. From fireplace surrounds to baptism monuments, water fountains to branding and statement pieces.

Restoration Work

I was approached by the Christchurch City Council heritage team to repair the carving, then I was given permission by the original Carver to repair the damage as he was not available.

Totora timber was sourced to match the original material, a replacement piece was carved on site, left to set and blended carefully carved to match the existing surface. Paint that matched the original finish was applied to the raw surface with a red primer and green top coats for the desired result.

Figurative Work

I would see myself as a figurative sculpture, having specialised in this field for a number of years. Running parallel to this is the intuitive abstract work mining the essence of movement, searching for the pivotal moment conveying poetry with three dimensionality in something as solid as stone, but with an idea as soft as water. Not the obvious by stating everything else. Being as free as I can, stretching, pushing the concept as well as the physical boundaries of what a sculpture should be both structurally and physically.

Abstract Work

In abstract work, Patrick uses a variety of materials depending on the concept, this can be an influence. Abstract work often has an underlying human form based on internal energy and movement, relating to the unceasing nature of ocean waves. Each carving has its own unique context. For example, the interchangeability of water as a medium, has endless forms.