Sculpture is a tactical art, a physical manifestation of a thought process. Like an oyster produces a pearl, each follows it’s nature resulting in a physically compelling outcome.

The sculpture already exists – removing what does not belong again and again, following it’s nature. The process is always reaching higher for that ultimate knowing, that union of self forgetting. To do anything well one must love deeply, sacrificing preconceptions of letting go and trusting the process. It is ultimately a very human experience being vulnerable, but teachable.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Laura Fergusson Art & Sculpture Exhibition at the Great Hall, Art Centre CHCH – 28th August 2021

Sculpture on the Peninsula – 5-7 Nov 2021

Patrick’s achievements and qualifications

– Antique restoration in the south of France followed by a two year course in antique restoration back in Ireland.

– Four year degree in Fine Art with honors – specialising in sculpture.

– Three months of research in Greece and it’s civilization – art sculpture while completing¬† the four year honors degree.


– Awarded the Douglas Hyde Gold medal for contribution to the arts in Irish culture as the over all winner of the Oireachtas Festival – Ireland

– Exhibited in the Royal Hibernian Academy national exhibition (RHA) selected by 12 Academy members.

– Awarded numerous open sculpture competition commissions as chosen by the public and arts committees.

– The Botanic Gardens in Dublin – Ireland Sculpture in it’s permanent collection.

– University College Dublin Ireland – Sculpture in it’s permanent collection.

– Completed numerous large scale sculptures and Iconic Heritage restoration projects in both Ireland and New Zealand.

– Primarily a carver, modelling of clay, metal design and fabrication, with work also featured in the portfolio of sculpture commissions.