Japanese Pagoda

Japanese Pagoda


Stone Quantity – 2 3/4 tonnes, carved to the finished result standing today.
Dimensions – 600mm square x 4 metres in height
Location – In a private Japanese garden – Ashburton, New Zealand
Material – Stone

The commission:


The commission was a challenging sculpture to create, but the client knew what they wanted and had a clear vision for Patrick to follow. It had a high technical aspect to get each section of the sculpture compatible with the last.


The client trusted my capabilities and let me get on with the Pagodas development which resulted in a good commissioner process for all parties.


The foundation width and depth were specified by a structural engineer in line with existing structures in the gardens. The height was a factor to consider, the sculpture needed to compliment existing structures so everything flowed correctly. The sculpture was the last piece of the puzzle in this beautifully designed, well thought out Japanese garden. A life passion and a life times work, so it was a fine invitation to be involved with this composition

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